The Issues

There are many troubling issues that face us in 2020.  Many of our problems were created by our government as it attempted and failed to solve a different problem. Others are a result of wrong-headed policies put forth  by one administration after another.

The War on Poverty is a classic case.  Once the federal government set out to eradicate poverty – something it was not permitted to do under the Constitution – it only managed to greatly increase poverty in America. 

At the same time, our national debt soared out of control because of thousands of  politically”untouchable” social spending programs.

Middle class America saw their standard of living decline for decades as taxes robbed them of their hard-earned wages.  Millions of women, many of whom would have preferred to stay at home and be full-time mothers to their children, felt compelled to enter the workplace to help maintain their lifestyle.  Their families still sank deeper and deeper into debt. Americans’ personal debt is now at or near all-time highs.

America’s moral decline was accelerated when welfare programs mandated that there be no father or husband in the home.  Crime increased tremendously as millions of fatherless youth took to the streets and became involved in gangs and drugs.

The nuclear family began to disintegrate as scheduling conflicts prevented the continuation of family traditions like mealtime together, family outings, and other shared activities.

The War on Poverty has inflicted enormous damage all across the American landscape.  As Ronald Reagan said, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”  (emphasis added)

Here are the issues discussed below:

  1. The President of the United States
  2. The Constitution
  3. Public Education
  4. Global Warming / Climate Change
  5. The Economy
  6. Taxes
  7. The National Debt
  8. Government Health Care
  9. The Federal Reserve and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
  10. Progressivism – the great cancer eating away at America
  11. The 2nd Amendment
  12. Veterans and our Military forces
  13. Social Media

The President of the United States

As our nation’s Chief Executive, the President of the United States has a solemn responsibility not only to sustain and defend the Constitution.  He must also hold to a high standard of conduct in his or her own personal life.  We don’t need to elect demigods to rule over us; we simply need to elect the best of us to lead us in every sense of the word.

The President’s authority is limited by the Constitution.  Since George Washington was elected as our first President, he and his successors have created more than 20,000 Executive Orders, documents having the force of law but which lack any Constitutional authority.

The President enforces the laws; he must not create his own.

The Constitution

The Constitution is the greatest political document in human history.  It provides a blueprint which, if carefully followed, will enable American citizens to enjoy a level of freedom found nowhere else at any time in history.  Far from being a democracy, the United States is a constitutional republic.  There is genius in our founding. 

Many today claim that the Constitution is obsolete, and should either be heavily amended or simply scrapped.  I say that the Constitution is just about as perfect as it could be - except that we might want to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.  Our leaders do not follow the Constitution, and that failure is the primary cause of America’s problems today.


Public Education

America is home to hundreds of thousands of K-12 teachers who are compelled to teach things contrary to their own beliefs.  Our public schools are vastly different than they were half a century ago, when many children were taught faith in God, civic responsibility, morality and virtue, good character and fair dealing.  Today, important subjects have often been “dumbed down,” rewritten to suit a particular agenda, or eliminated altogether.  Students graduate high school poorly prepared for college or a career.

Public education is not the province of the federal government.  The Constitution does not list public education in the list of powers given to Congress.  However, many of the Founding Fathers saw the need for the education of all the next generation, particularly in “the science of government.”  After all, it is the responsibility of each generation to defend freedom.  A generation that knows little or nothing about freedom and liberty is ill-equipped to defend them.

Global Warming / Climate Change

We have seen a tremendous amount of fearmongering and propagandizing over the climate change issue.  In fact, some of the same scientists who were warning of global cooling in the 1970s have jumped on the global warming bandwagon.  We have seen the unfortunate spectacle of an ignorant and misinformed 16-year girl lecturing the nations of the world for their failure to act to eliminate a non-existent problem.

It is of the utmost importance that we do not turn the world economy upside down and spend trillions of dollars we do not have in an attempt to solve a problem that may not exist.

There is science and fact amidst all the confusion and turmoil.  The science is not settled, but new research is finding answers every day. The powerful climate change lobbyhas become highly politicized. It is political and career “suicide” to claim that anything but carbon dioxide is the sole culprit in global warming, or that the point of no return will soon be reached that will bring about the end of life on earth. This must change.

There are those in the United States and around the world who intend to become fabulously wealthy by promoting global warming.  They exercise great power in suppressing contrary opinions and scientific findings.

We must find a balance.  That will occur when we acknowledge that we do not have all the answers.  In fact, we don’t even know many of the questions yet.  The science is not “settled,” but it can be if we will utilize the marvelous tools we have developed over the past century.

One of the most helpful sources I have found is the book The Neglected Sun: How the Sun precludes Climate Catastrophe.  I believe all Americans ought to read it.

The Economy

Capitalism is, by all accounts, a terrible way to run an economy – unless, of course, you compare it to every other economic system ever proposed or implemented.  Capitalism is both creative and destructive.  It is that dynamism that has lifted billions out of poverty and despair, and enabled them to have a standard of living once only enjoyed by kings.

However, the “invisible hand of government” has interfered massively in the capitalist system in the United States, and the “crony economy” that has resulted has bled the middle class and pushed it into the lower class, living from paycheck to paycheck and heavily in debt.  At the same time, laws have been written that have produced enormous wealth for those who either wield or influence the levers of power.

There are solutions to these economic woes, and they have little or nothing to do with socialism, regulation, or taxation. Instead, they involve reforming or eliminating those institutions that have created a tremendous advantage for the influential. You don’t have to play Robin Hood to level the playing field.  Robin Hood was, after all, a thief.


Americans pay as much as half their annual income or more in taxes.  The list of taxes we pay grows longer every day, and yet governments at all levels struggle to live within a budget due to the demands made on the public purse. 

Our federal government long ago eliminated any pretense of fiscal responsibility, and chose instead to spend your tax dollars with reckless abandon, often in the hope of buying votes and keeping themselves in power.  We are spending ourselves into oblivion.  We have turned the United States from the wealthiest nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation in history.  This is clearly unsustainable.  We have no right run up bills our children and grandchildren must pay.

The national debt

Our national debt has converted the United States from the world’s wealthiest nation to the greatest debtor in history. 

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) has aided and abetted our government in squandering trillions of dollars in wasteful and often counter-productive projects (see The War on Poverty, above).  The Federal Reserve has created money out of thin air, and then lowered interest rates to prevent the U.S. government from having to declare bankruptcy.  The Fed’s actions have handsomely profited the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

A cynic would say that our political parties buy votes with your tax dollars.  There is much truth to this.  Today’s Democratic party seems determined to support illegal aliens and get their votes by any means available, while ignoring those who put them in office and whose tax dollars they are wasting.

The U.S. national debt currently totals around $22 trillion.  America’s unfunded liabilities are far greater.  Lowering interest rates close to zero has greatly harmed millions of retirees, whose income and livelihood depends on the interest they receive from their bank CDs and investments in government debt.

If interest rates go negative in the United States our fiscal irresponsibility may continue indefinitely.  However, chickens always come home to roost.  Every dollar created is a promise to pay – and those promises will inevitably be redeemed at some future date.

The process of reducing and eliminating our national debt involves two key steps;

  1. Government spends less than it takes in each year, and
  2. Payments are made each year to reduce the debt

There is no political will to do either.  That must change.

You must not “rob Peter to pay Paul,” but that is exactly what we have been doing. The American middle class is sinking because of the immense burdens it sustains in involuntary servitude to a government desperate for revenue..  

Government Health Care

The United States Government has no authority to create any form of health care program. 

This is how ObamaCare works.  Confusing, isn’t it?

Medicare and the Affordable Health Care Act – these are unconstitutional simply because they are not among the powers granted to Congress.

It is estimated that having government in charge of health care adds as much as 50% to the cost of service.  Many doctors refuse to take Medicare patients because they are not adequately compensated for their services.  Some refuse to accept any insurance at all because of the paperwork burdens they face.

The states have the right, but not the obligation, to provide health care and other services, but it is essential that those services are funded through state and local taxes, not through revenue sharing with the Federal government.

Any government intervention in health care raises costs and generally tends to diminish both quality of care and access to care.  Look at the dismal failures of ObamaCare.  Millions of Americans were unable to keep with their physicians or their plans, insurance costs skyrocketed, the number of insurance providers dwindled, and deductibles rose dramatically.  

Today, million of Americans have medical “insurance” but can no longer afford to use it because the deductibles are so high.

The question is asked, “How will the poor be provided for if they don’t receive free medical care?”  The answer is simple.  They will receive it through free hospitals and clinics operated by private charitable organizations.  If Americans were not so heavily taxed we could all afford to be more charitable.  Because free clinics do not have to deal with billing they can provide services much less expensively. 

The Federal Reserve and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

The United States Congress twice chose not to renew the charter of the National Bank.  In 1913, one of the worst years in American history (the Federal Reserve Act was passed and the 16th and 17th Amendments were ratified in 1913), the Federal Reserve Bank was created.  From its founding it was neither Federal nor a Reserve.  Over time it took on additional responsibilities aided by new legislation, to the point that the Federal Reserve, a private bank, performs many of the functions reserved by the constitution for our Treasury.

Nations all over the world have emulated our central bank and created their own.  The Federal Reserve claims to be able to smooth out the business cycle, preventing both inflation and economic crises.  They have failed repeatedly at both responsibilities.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, bypassing the printing press entirely and creating electronic impulses that are treated like real money.  The fact that they exercise this power shifts the balance of wealth in the United States.  This goes far beyond the enabling legislation for the Federal Reserve, however.  Additional legislation, including the repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act and laws enabling banks to steal their depositors’ money in a bank crisis, have given banks immense power and enabled the concentration of wealth into the hands of a very few.

Modern Monetary Theory, recently advocated by many Left-leaning members of Congress, may actually be in place in the U.S.   Once Nixon removed the link between gold and the dollar, the dollar became a “fiat” currency with no backing. 

Modern Monetary Theory suggests that governments – through their Federal Reserve – can create money that has no backing indefinitely, as long as no inflation is caused.  As long as we continue rolling over our national debt we can, proponents say, experience multi-trillion dollar deficits every year with no consequences.  Unfortunately, the day we discover that this theory is fatally flawed is the day the Unites States declares bankruptcy and becomes the biggest deadbeat nation in history.  We must act to prevent this from occuring. 

Progressivism – the great cancer eating away at America

Americans today still fail to recognize the greatest threat to our nation and our Constitution.  That threat is Progressivism, a term many Americans have never heard.  This pernicious political theory is the great enabler of the welfare state and, most important, human rights.

Our Constitution embraces natural rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence; life, liberty, and property – or, as the final draft stated, life, liberty, and te pursuit of happiness.  Natural rights are given by God.  They are not subject to change, though governments feel free to eliminate or modify them at will.

Human rights, on the other hand, are created by governments.  Unlike natural rights, human rights have a heavy pricetag.  The newly-formed United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948 at the insistence of Eleanor Roosevelt.  The world has not been the same ever since.

Progressivism is responsible for the failed modern welfare state.  It is responsible for our failed Department of Education.  It is responsible for our failed Head Start program and even our failed War on Drugs.  It is responsible for genocide, the deadly “precautionary principle,”  racism, prejudice, bigotry, belief in racial superiority, and much more.  Progressives believe the end justifies the means, and that there is no truth.

Can you see why it is so destructive?

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment to the Constitution, it is said, is the protector and enabler of all the other rights we enjoy.  We tend to lose sight of the purpose of an armed citizenry, in part because we confuse the two phrases of the Amendment:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

That does not say that only the members of the militia should have the right to bear arms.  It says, in the final phrase, that all Americans must needs be permitted and encouraged to own arms and to retain them. 

Why is this so important?  Because the Founders knew that governments are famous for infringing upon the rights of their subjects or citizens.  The people need the right to bear arms against their own government. As Jefferson said, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of those ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it. . .”

That ability existed in 1775 when American citizens harrassed the British troops returning to Boston from Lexington and Concord.  With today’s weaponry an individual could not possibly arm himself adequately to defend against our military forces. Washington anticipated this when he argued against a standing army.

What about those who use firearms to commit crimes?  We need to remember that the weapon is a tool.  The weapon does not kill; the person using the weapon kills.  Any form of control, regulation, or registration of personally-owned weapons places us on a slippery slope that can lead to complete confiscation of firearms, as has happened in several Western nations.

“If guns are outlawed, only criminals (and the government) will have guns.” 

We need to have a healthy fear of our government, especially in light of the dreadful legislation put in place over the past fifty years.  This includes the PATRIOT Act with its provisions of civil asset forfeiture, and much more legislation that has deprived American citizens of most of the rights guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

Veterans and our military forces

Our military forces today face enemies far different than those encountered in most of the conflicts of the past. Our troops find themselves in hostile environments where they can trust no one and must suspect everyone.  Our presidents have sent them on dangerous missions for political purposes including regime change and assassination, acts which should never be associated with our nation under God.

Military units are often deployed over and over to wars that seem endless and, in many cases, pointless.  The statistics regarding PTSD, suicide, drug abuse, and alcoholism, and family problems are highly disturbing. Military service was once associated with honor and country; today our armed forces seem to be political pawns exposed to danger to bring profits to the “military-industrial complex” Eisenhower warned us about.

We owe it to our service members and veterans to provide them with all the support they need, both while they are in combat and when they leave the service.  Their medical needs must be attended to, sometimes for the rest of their lives.  They have sworn a solemn oath to defend our Constitution and our nation.  They have signed a blank check payable up to and including life itself; they deserve to be treated with honor and dignity for the rest of their lives.

Social media

Today’s technology seems to be a two-edged sword.  Television was once heralded as a wonderful learning tool – and we got sitcoms and soap operas.  The internet enabled near-instantaneous communication across the globe – and the largest share of revenue taken in by internet providers goes to pornography.

The internet is a great distractor.  In fact, it is designed to do just that – distract us again and again.  It is so effective at distraction that human learning, according to numerous studies, has now taken  big step backward.  We are no longer as good at assimilating, evaluating, and discerning what we read and see as we were before the internet became popular.

Social media is the internet on steroids and has contributed mightily to the loss of civility and decency in our society.  Priceless communication skills are being lost in favor of texting and Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms and others we bare our souls – and find ourselves lonely, friendless, and alone in a virtual world much larger than our real world. Suicide and depression are only two of the outcomes that are increasingly associated with the use of social media.